Sliding/Cantilever/Roller Gates

Welcome to our range of high quality sliding gates, manufactured to fit all gate openings. Sliding gates can be fabricated from galvanised steel, stainless steel or hardwood teak timber. Our roller gates can be either cantilever gates or a more common ground guide track sliding gate using roller wheels. Sliding gate systems use the following as part of their construction: top guide wheels, toothed rack, sliding gate motor, cantilever wheels and sliding gate ground track assembly.

Galvanised Commercial Automated Gates. GSL81
Decroative Galvanised Commercial Automated Gates. GSL82
Hardwood Teak Insert on Metal Frame, Sliding Gate GSL248
Hardwood Teak Insert on Metal Frame, Sliding Gate GSL249
Solid Hardwood Large Sliding Gate and Automation GSL237
Hardwood with Metal Frame Gate GSL250
Wrought Iron Heavy Sliding Gate GSL291
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