Boat Repair/Onsite Welding

Welcome to our boat repair team. Having trained in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and worked 4 years in Dutch Harbour, Alaska servicing the largest US fishing trawler fleet, we have gained a lot of experience in boat repair. We can weld marine grade stainless steel, mild steel and patch or replace any steel on any boat in a dry dock setting.

Stainless steel lawn surround GP252
Stainless Steel Sculptures make a great focal point for your Garden. GP253
Stainless Steel frame to a bank of garden lights. GP254
Adding new  Rails & flooring to rear of barge. GP368
Boat Repairs additional rails and extra flooring at rear of barge. GP369
Adding new door way , new windows to stern  on a barge. GP372
View of barge stern, new doors , windows, floor & handrail to barge. GP373
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