Hardwood/Timber/Teak Gates

Welcome to our range of high quality hardwood gates, teak gates, timber gates and wooden gates. All our hardwood gates are made to order. Our timber gates are suitable as swing gates and sliding gates. Teak gates combine with full automation and auto entry gate systems. Wooden gates are manufactured using galvanised metal frames with hardwood teak inserts.

Solid Hardwood Entrance Gate with Galvanised Posts GW246
Westpost Front View Wooden Gate GW454
Large main entrance, teak hardwood entrance gate. GW305
Solid Teak Hardwood sling entrance gate  rear view. GW304
Main entrance sliding teak hardwood gate. GW308
Teak insert on galvanised & painted metal frame GW325
Single Hardwood Entrance Gate set in Stone Pillars. GW116
Curved Teak Hardwood Entrance Gate   rear view...showing post box fitted. GW318
Large sliding teak entrance gate with pedestrian fitted also. GW312
Teak Hardwood Insert with Letter Box and Pedestrian Gate to the Left. GW196
Rear view Austrian Larch Sheet Railing on metal frame. GW330
Austrian Larch, Railing on metal frame    rear view. GW331
Austrian Larch Pedestrian gate set in metal frame. GW333
Rear View of Solid Hardwood in Metal Frames Gates showing Postbox. GW162
Outside view of Austrian Larch Railing on metal frame. GW334
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