Welcome to Globe Metalworks

Globe Metalworks Ltd have over 30 years experience in the metal and woodworking industries. We have a reputation for producing high quality Wrought Iron Gates, Hardwood Teak Gates and Stainless Steel Balconies, Railings and Stairwells. Using this as a basis we have come to satisfy many, many customers.

Globe Metalworks Ltd. offer a full design and installation service for all our work. All of our Wrought Iron Gates, Hardwood Gates, Metal Railings together with our Stainless Steel Balconies, Stainless Steel Railings, Stainless Steel Stairwells are carefully designed and then fabricated in our own workshop to the highest standards.

We offer a complete design/drawing for each customer thereby putting on record the finished product as it will look when completed.

All metal work is galvanised, painted and/or powder coated. All metal work will therefore be of extremely low maintenance & very durable. We use mainly Teak in our hardwood gates. We also insert our hardwood gates in metal frame gates.

Our sliding gates are fabricated in both standard sliding gate (roller wheel) and cantilever sliding gates. All our sliding gates are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Globe Metalworks Ltd have completed the Dublin Zoo Elephant Enclosure Gate system.

Globe Metalworks Limited works:
1. Add value to your property.
2. Add security to your property.
3. Are low maintenance.
4. Are good value.
5. Add the final touches to a new or old house.

At Globe Metalworks Limited our motto is Quality and Value, Quality and Value, Quality and Value.