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Hardwood / Timber / Teak Gates

Welcome to our range of high quality hardwood entrance gates, teak gates, timber gates and wooden gates. All our hardwood gates are made to order. Our timber gates are suitable as swing gates and sliding gates. Teak gates combine with full automation and auto entry gate systems. Wooden gates are manufactured using galvanised metal frames with hardwood teak inserts.

If you’re interested in our hardwood entrance gates, you can contact us to learn more.

Why Hardwood Gates are the right choice for your home

Durability and Longevity: Hardwoods, such as teak, are known for its durability and resistance to decay. It can withstand rain, sunlight, and high or low temperatures. Hardwood gates are less prone to warping, cracking, or rotting compared to gates made of softer woods. When you buy a hardwood gate, you will find it lasts for years on end.

Natural Beauty and Aesthetics: Hardwood gates have a natural and timeless appeal that can enhance the visual appeal of your home and garden. The rich colors, textures, and grain patterns of hardwood create an elegant and sophisticated look for your home.

Security: Hardwood is naturally dense and sturdy, meaning that our teak gates offer strength and resistance against intrusions.

Low Maintenance: Hardwood entrance gates require relatively low maintenance compared to other materials, such as softer woods which rot and decay quicker. By buying a hardwood gate, you are investing into your home’s appearance all year round.

Customisation: Our hardwood gates can be customised to your requirements for colour, size, shape and style. You can see in our gallery above how much variation our hardwood gates have.